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Oct 2016

Katter: My 4 responses to the Banking Inquiry's Terms of Reference

Prior to yesterday’s preliminary hearing, the Government rushed out four items of Terms of Reference for the “Big 4” Banking Inquiry delivered by the Standing Committee on Economics. KAP Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter thinks the Terms of Reference and the Inquiry…

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Oct 2016

Katter: NAIF - a CEO in VIC, no staff, no projects… The fig leaf is off!

Last week KAP Member for Kennedy visited the Cairns headquarters of the $5 billion Northern Australian infrastructure loan facility (NAIF). Mr Katter was shocked to find NAIF is still in an establishment phase with an interim CEO based in Melbourne. Mr Katter will be requesting a…

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Sep 2016

Backpacker's Tax 2.0 is no victory

KAP Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter is calling for backpacker’s superannuation payments to be removed. In the latest incarnation of the controversial ‘Backpacker tax’, backpackers will now pay 19c from the first dollar. But the Government will also take 95 per cent…

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Sep 2016

Katter calls for joint statement after Acting PM inspection of Hell's Gate

Following the Hell’s Gate Dam site inspection with Acting Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce this week, KAP Member for Kennedy Bob Katter is calling for a joint environmental statement from the State and Federal Governments. Mr Katter wants the statement to outline the Hell’s…

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Sep 2016

Katter Krowns Cowboy Kerry

KAP Member for Kennedy has delivered on his promise to give prominent North Queensland Cowboys board member, Kerry Boustead, one of his trademark Akubras. One of the Cowboy’s founders, Kerry Boustead, took a minute out yesterday ahead of the epic Semi-Final win over the Broncos…

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Sep 2016

Katter asks ACCC to investigate disgraceful footy final airfare increases

KAP Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter has for the second consecutive year made representations to the ACCC requesting an immediate inquiry into airline companies’ obscene price escalation during footy finals season. Mr Katter specifically refers to the Brisbane to Townsville route…

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Sep 2016

Katter pleads with Gov to stop spending on "hurdy-gurdies, merry-go-rounds, function centres and football stadiums."

In last night’s budget debates in Federal Parliament, KAP Member for Kennedy asked the Government to invest in northern development and not, “hurdy-gurdies, merry-go-rounds, function centres in the big cities and football stadiums.” Mr Katter also railed against…

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Sep 2016

Katter: Over the next 20 years most of Australia's farmland will be foreign owned

KAP Member for Kennedy would like to remind people that the last disclosure of foreign ownership released by the Government in 2013 showed 12.4 per cent foreign ownership of all agricultural land. Mr Katter said, “The 2013 report said 12.4 per cent so we’ve had an increase…

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Sep 2016

Katter: A free trade agreement with GB enslaves us as an "economic colony"

When Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull meets British Prime Minister Theresa May today he hopes to secure a “strong” free trade agreement between Australia and Britain. KAP Member for Kennedy believes Australia will only end up worse off and “political interference”…

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Aug 2016

Katter seconds Royal Commission into banking: "A 'Motion' of emotional carnage"

This morning KAP Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter has seconded the Federal Opposition’s motion for the immediate establishment of a Royal Commission into banking. This comes the day after Mr Katter tabled a notice of his intention to present a Bill titled Banking Commission of…

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