Media Releases

May 2016

PM's water talk is another step forward for our Hell's Gate

KAP Leader for Kennedy, Bob Katter has thanked the Prime Minister for his interest in the Hell’s Gate dam proposal. The Turnbull Express came to Townsville earlier in week (18 May) promising rail upgrades into the Port and a feasibility study into Hell’s Gate dam. “Malcolm…

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May 2016

Dairy crisis: Remove blood from our milk with restored bargaining power

KAP Leader for Kennedy, Bob Katter wants legislation introduced to restore bargaining power to Australia’s dairy farmers. Murray Goulburn and Fonterra have destroyed the livelihood of thousands of dairy farmers. The price slash was one thing but the retrospective application…

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May 2016

Katter: Townsville deserves more than rail upgrades Mr Prime Minister

KAP Member for Kennedy Bob Katter believes the Prime Minister’s Townville rail announcement today ignores the need for real development and jobs in the region. Mr Katter believes Townsville deserves MORE! Prime Minister Turnbull announced $150 million in rail improvements to…

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May 2016

Katter expresses cynicism at reported delay to introduction of backpacker tax

17 May 2016: KAP Federal Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter has today expressed “great cynicism of this decision on the eve of an election” in response to the Federal Government’s reported delay to the introduction of the backpacker tax. The Government announced in…

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May 2016

Katter said QLD Nickel could reopen in a short period of time

KAP member for Kennedy has called on the State and Federal Government to provide development funding for the community buyback proposal of Queensland Nickel (QNI). The community buyback working group met on Wednesday in Townsville. The group has put together a management team that…

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May 2016

Funding over but drought not: Feds cut drought counselling

KAP leader and Federal Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter is appalled the Federal Government has ceased funding for mental health counselling in drought affected areas. The day after the 2016/2017 Budget was announced rural counselling service providers were notified the drought funding…

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May 2016

2016 election: Katter will stand against the tide of "Gunna -Do" election promises

KAP Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter commenting on the election said, “We’ll be tigering straight into it. We’ll be standing on our record.” Mr Katter said, “The LNP promised last election development of northern dams and development monies. Now after…

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May 2016

Backpacker Tax Not Scrapped in Federal Budget

KAP Leader and Federal Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter has today lashed out at the Federal Government for not scrapping the proposed backpacker tax. In last night’s budget the Government made no move to reverse the tax free threshold for backpackers and tax them at 32.5 per…

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May 2016

Katter to Government on Northern Australia: Talk is cheap - Show us the Money!

On the day of the 2016-17 Federal Budget, and a year after the $5 Billion in concessional loans for Northern Australia was announced in the 2015-16 Budget, not a cent has been spent. KAP Leader and Federal Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter told the LNP Government today to stand on its…

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Apr 2016

"It only took 30 years!" Mission Beach gets the breakwater it deserves

KAP Leader and Federal Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter is relieved the Mission Beach Clump Point “breakwater” will be constructed and the alternative proposal has been scrapped. “The money has been redirected from the ‘rock sausage’ to the breakwater…

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