Letters to the Editor

Aug 2017

LTE: Free markets fleecing Australians

Media reports that Ahmed Fahour, former CEO of Australia Post, takes home $10.8m golden handshake – free markets are fleecing Australians. The head of Queensland Rail was on $320k a year as a top public servant. He convinced the Government to privatise Queensland Rail, then…

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Jul 2017

Do that and you'll get a backside full of arrows

Canberra Comment for Mount Isa's North West Star, by Kennedy MP Bob Katter:  As great Mount Isa bloke Bobbie Glanville once said: ‘Keep sticking your head in the ground like an ostrich, and you’ll get a backside full of Indian arrows.’ Let’s face it…

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Jul 2017

No inland dust bowl, no flooded coast

An LNP MP promising Tully Millstream is a bit rich, since it was left to lapse under their party’s own State Minister Tom Gilmore, after being started by the Bjelke-Petersen Government despite the World Heritage declaration (see attached ‘Feds to look at Tully hydro’…

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Jun 2017

Questions with neither fear nor favour hit home for best results: 'Canberra Comment' in The North West Star

The father of the political independence movement in Australia, the late Peter Andren MP, once remarked that the only questions to be asked in question time were those by the three Independent MPs at the time (including myself). That is because question time – which was always…

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May 2017

Credit to community for aged care boost

31 MAY 2016: All of Far North Queensland owes an enormous debt of gratitude to the members of our community who have worked tirelessly for the significant boost announced to the Cassowary Coast’s residential aged care places – including 40 extra beds each for Innisfail…

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May 2016


The full letter is available here:

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Jan 2015

Letter to the Editor - Smelter Pledge - NW Star 20/1/2015

Dear Editor Most would know that Robbie Katter is not prone to blowing his own trumpet. So it becomes my duty to advise that around 12 months ago the MP for Mount Isa Robbie Katter procured a meeting for MIM officials with the two relevant Government ministers. When requesting the…

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Nov 2014

Remembrance Day: The saddest letter I ever read

To the editor The saddest letter I ever read was written to the War Department in 1923, 7 years after Australian troops pulled out of Gallipoli harbour. The letter was from the girlfriend of Bert Henley, an RSM in the divisions that were sent to Gallipoli. She said she had heard…

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Oct 2014

Letter to the Editor: Full Support for Canossa Home

Dear Editor, It has come to my attention the urgent need for Federal Funding for the Canossa Aged Persons Home in Trebonne. After a number of phone conversations with Canossa Aged Person’s Home and local community leaders, I have written letters to the Federal Minister for…

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