Letters to the Editor

Mar 2019

Ghosts of govt. past continue to haunt

Dear Editor, I’d say there must be 100 organisation and individuals that are waiting weeks and months on end for Telstra to fix a problem. And sadly today, you also need an internet connection, so a mobile phone is of no use to meet the needs of modern society. I recently visited…

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Mar 2019

Congrats to FNQ boys running on in NRL

Dear Editor, Big congratulations to the two new youngsters who are now in the NRL.Jake Clifford will be running on for the Cowboys this year, Thomas Flegler will be running on for the Broncos. We are so proud of our Tully boys, one of the great homes of Rugby League.A little western…

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Oct 2018

Australia should not be at the mercy of drought

Dear Editor, Last week I attended the National Drought Summit in Canberra at the invitation of the Prime Minister. It astounds me that they hold these ‘showcase’ events to ‘solve’ the drought, when the answers are staring at them in the face, are simple, cheap…

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May 2018

LTE: Irrigating the west solves national fuel shortage

24 May 2018Dear Editor,Irrigation schemes from our Gulf and mid-west towns have grown dramatically closer with the “acute national petrol and diesel supply shortages”.The NRMA (four times bigger than Queensland’s RACQ) reported fuel supply was down to 23 days.Last…

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Oct 2017

A message to the NQ Cowboys from Bob Katter

Dear Cowboys On behalf of every North Qlder I want you to know that we are proud of every one of you. You have come second in the biggest rugby league competition in the world. You are the second-best football team in the world. You lost your captain and leader of the forwards. You…

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Sep 2017

KAP ongoing support for Tully Hydro

Dear Mr/Ms, Shane Knuth fought for the Tully Hydro even when he did not represent Tully. He was born in Tully, his father was a cane cutter in various northern towns. The original ‘Tully Millstream’ proposal was promised by the LNP before the 1996 election and upon the…

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Aug 2017

LTE: Free markets fleecing Australians

Media reports that Ahmed Fahour, former CEO of Australia Post, takes home $10.8m golden handshake – free markets are fleecing Australians. The head of Queensland Rail was on $320k a year as a top public servant. He convinced the Government to privatise Queensland Rail, then…

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Jul 2017

Do that and you'll get a backside full of arrows

Canberra Comment for Mount Isa's North West Star, by Kennedy MP Bob Katter:  As great Mount Isa bloke Bobbie Glanville once said: ‘Keep sticking your head in the ground like an ostrich, and you’ll get a backside full of Indian arrows.’ Let’s face it…

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Jul 2017

No inland dust bowl, no flooded coast

An LNP MP promising Tully Millstream is a bit rich, since it was left to lapse under their party’s own State Minister Tom Gilmore, after being started by the Bjelke-Petersen Government despite the World Heritage declaration (see attached ‘Feds to look at Tully hydro’…

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Jun 2017

Questions with neither fear nor favour hit home for best results: 'Canberra Comment' in The North West Star

The father of the political independence movement in Australia, the late Peter Andren MP, once remarked that the only questions to be asked in question time were those by the three Independent MPs at the time (including myself). That is because question time – which was always…

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