Jun 2013

Letter to the Editor - Motion of No Confidence

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Dear Editor

Following the 2010 ‘hung parliament’ negotiations, we gave our vote to the Coalition based on their response to our 20 points of policy reform crucial for returning prosperity to Australia.

In the almost three years since then, we have been stridently opposed to the Carbon Tax – the first of five reasons provided in recent correspondence from the Opposition canvassing crossbenchers’ response to a possible ‘motion of no confidence’ in the Labor-Greens Government.

We acknowledge a number of Government decisions that have caused anger amongst people who are suffering inexorable cost-of-living burdens – such as the introduction (against Labor’s pledge to the people) of the Carbon Tax; a Greens ultimatum to deliver the ALP into Government.

With this in mind, we can reassure the Australian people that should Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) be delivered power in the Senate, we will ensure the passage of any LNP initiative to repeal the Carbon Tax. But we will stop dead the LNP proposal involving increasing food prices by imposing a GST on food.

Meanwhile, we have requested meetings with the Leaders of both major parties for more information on the proposed Parliamentary debate about calling an early Election, which we note would be only a few weeks before the scheduled date.

But we note also that six weeks can be a long time for people surviving on a week-to-week basis.

And we remain appalled at the contempt shown in the past three years – through the relentless ‘party game’ power plays by the corporate-controlled major parties at the expense of the real issues being addressed – for the people of Australia who are battling to make ends meet.

Sincerely yours,
Hon Bob Katter MP,
KAP Federal Leader & Federal Member for Kennedy



Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) Federal Leader and Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has today reiterated to the Federal Opposition his position on the LNP’s proposed ‘no confidence motion’ in the ALP Government.

His position – as he personally advised both ALP and LNP leaders during the previous ‘no confidence motion’ put by the Opposition to the House of Representatives on 21 March 2103 – remains the same.

“Whilst we believe it was inappropriate and irresponsible to move that vote of no confidence three hours before the Kevin Rudd leadership spill – which would have in all probability effectively meant three Prime Ministers in two days [Gillard in the morning, Rudd in the evening, and Abbott the next day] – we made it clear then, to both parties, that it would be arguably irresponsible not do afterwards.

“It is now up to the Opposition what they do, but if they have chosen not to move for a consideration of no confidence, then that is not my position, and I’ve made that clear to both sides.

“How we vote is, as always, conditional upon our policy points for the survival and prosperity of Australia – as we put to the major parties during the 2010 ‘hung parliament’ negotiations, when we then put our vote with the LNP.”

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