Oct 2014

Letter to the Editor: Full Support for Canossa Home

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Dear Editor,

It has come to my attention the urgent need for Federal Funding for the Canossa Aged Persons Home in Trebonne.

After a number of phone conversations with Canossa Aged Person’s Home and local community leaders, I have written letters to the Federal Minister for Health and the Head of the Health Department.

Currently, Canossa Aged Persons Home cannot operate at full capacity due to building damage and a leaking ceiling requiring replacement.

Over 10,000 people a year out of a North Queensland population of 1 million move into high care each year. Whilst of these 10,000 there maybe 7,000 deaths leaving acute and high care each year.

This leaves a shortfall of 3,000 beds needed each year for acute and high care. We are not even reaching 300 new beds.

All of the infrastructure for the 60 beds is in place at Canossa at Ingham- a town with one of the highest aged care people in Australia.

The loss of any beds in the Ingham region is an unacceptable outcome.

I will continue to work with the local community and push for government funding for Canossa Home.

Kind regards

Hon. Bob Katter MP
Federal Member for Kennedy

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