Aug 2020

PM must follow US-lead on Confucius Institutes: Bob Katter

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KENNEDY MP, Bob Katter has called on Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, to follow the lead of the United States by designating Confucius Institutes as foreign missions of the People’s Republic of China.

Last week the US Department of State designated the Confucius Institute US Centre as a foreign mission because the Institute promotes the global propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party and is a malign influence campaign on US campuses.

The Chinese Communist Party has set up Confucius Institutes at thirteen universities in Australia including the University of Queensland.

Through Confucius Institutes the Chinese Communist party is able to exercise influence over 200,000 Chinese students studying in Australia.

The University of Queensland also has appointed China’s consul general in Brisbane, Xu Jie as an Adjunct Professor – which would not be a surprising achievement for an Institute which operated as a foreign mission.

Mr. Xu encouraged and supported the thugs who bashed Drew Pavlou – an Australian student who was standing up for Hong Kong democracy - on the St Lucia campus. 

“I have written a letter to the Prime Minister requesting that Australia joins the United States in this push,” he said.

“We provide the Chinese people with iron ore and coal for their buildings and electricity, and we have great respect for Chinese people.

“But history is full of examples where weakness towards totalitarian dictatorships like the Chinese Communist Party has led to terrible destruction upon societies; clearly the German and Japanese people are good examples.

“You are not helping the people of China by sucking up to the oppressive, totalitarian Chinese Communist Party and allowing them to spread their tentacles.

“Scott Morrison must declare the Confucius institutes in Australia as a political propaganda wing of the oppressive, dictatorial regime that is the Chinese Communist Party. You help the people of China by standing up to it.”

“The Confucius Institute has been a major contributing factor to the cancer that has spread through UQ.

"The extent to which Confucius Institutes have contaminated the centre of education in our country has got to be fully examined.”

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