Aug 2020

Australia's show of strength as Feds seize control over foreign deals

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New laws proposed by the Federal Government today to intervene on and take control of all foreign agreements of national interest has been applauded by Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter who has been fighting to stop the sell-off of Australia to foreign corporations for more than a decade.

Under the new law, all existing agreements have to be registered with the Federal Government whether they are state government, local government or entities such as the universities which can then be vetoed or stopped altogether under Federal power.

Mr Katter praised the Prime Minister for showing some spine and responding with timely force to the National Press Club address yesterday where Chinese diplomat Wang Xining slammed the China/Australia relationship and criticised the integrity of the government.

“The PM’s push to fix the extraordinary stupidity of the Victorian Labor government and their dangerous belt and road deal with the Communist Chinese Government is a great start," he said.

“He has also shown immense strength and courage announcing this after yesterday’s national press club address” he said.

“But our most strategic sea port in northern Australia is still in Chinese Communist Party hands as is the Ord Stages 2 and 3 which was handed to them on a silver platter.

“The Prime Minister’s move on this issue is a great win for the everyday Australian, and people like myself who don’t want our country sold off from underneath us.

“Great damage has been done due to a delay of action by government, but we thank Mr Morrison today.”

Mr Katter said a thorough clean out of universities, shrouded in dirty deals and foreign influence, was also required but welcomed the news that UQ would be required to register their Confucius Institute agreement with the Federal Government who then could veto or end the agreement.

“This is the same University that suspended Australian student, Drew Pavlou, who was bashed, unprovoked, during a pro-Hong Kong democracy demonstration on campus, and yet didn’t lift a finger to investigate the perpetrators of the violence,” Mr Katter said.

“This was the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ and why I wanted to move my motion to establish an inquiry into the sector,” he said.

“The intimidation of Australian students on campus, who were standing up for democracy and human rights, is outrageous and I call on the Chancellor of UQ to acknowledge their wrongdoing and immediately reinstate Drew Pavlou to the UQ Senate.”

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