Sep 2020

Cabinet meetings taking place in Katter's Canberra office?

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KENNEDY MP, Bob Katter is starting to wonder whether Scott Morrison’s cabinet ministry is holding their meetings in his Parliament House office after numerous KAP policies were adopted by the Federal Government in the past fortnight.

The policy victories for Katter’s Australian party include a move to acquire the rights to the Indigenous flag[1], an inquiry into foreign interference at Australia’s universities (following the Drew Pavlou case),[2] cracking down on foreign ownership deals and agreements (the Foreign Relations Bill)[3] and proposed legislation to prevent the sale of fake indigenous art.[4]

“We have been pounding the table on the issue of the Indigenous flag copyright for two years and the ban of fake indigenous art for nearly five years,” Mr Katter said.

“It’s extraordinary that it has taken the government this long to see the common sense approach on these issues, but we thank the government that it has happened. Nearly 300 jobs will be created for First Australians if we remove the 80 per cent of fake art currently being made in China and Indonesia, and replace it with the real thing.

“We would also remind the Prime Minister that we have a commitment for market gardens to be established in the First Australian community areas in the Gulf, Cape and far north Queensland, which have the support of all the local Mayors. Issues of diabetes and malnutrition halve life expectancy in these areas, and yet the State and Federal Governments are
sitting on their hands.”

KAP policy has also been adopted at a State Government level, with both the major parties in Queensland having now announced plans for the Bradfield Scheme which Mr Katter has pushed for 50 years.

“We want confirmation in writing from the Deputy Prime Minister that under the engineering plans currently being drawn-up, with money I secured, that the Hells Gates Dam wall will be built to a crest height of 400m above sea level,” he said.

“We will not be relying upon anything from Townsville Enterprise and SMEC as their conduct has been highly questionable – to put it kindly. Unless the dam is built to this height Bradfield won’t exist. It will be destroyed forever.

“The right height will ensure that the water can be diverted inland through the gap in the Great Dividing Range for irrigation at Webb’s Lake. This is not an agricultural development, this is an industrial undertaking. It will produce 7 per cent of Australia’s fuel needs (ethanol), zero emissions electricity (enough base load power for North Qld), the most stock feed of any area in Australia, it will open the two biggest meatworks in Australia and guarantee the Townsville meatworks stays open, and it will guarantee Townsville’s water supply for forever – seeing the city’s population grow beyond 500,000.”


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