Dec 2020

All Australia Post licensees want for Christmas is the reinstatement of their CEO

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KENNEDY MP, Bob Katter is urging the Federal Government and the Australia Post Board to reinstate Christine Holgate as CEO of Australia Post before Christmas, and he says the future profitability of the Government owned organisation depends on it.

“I’m usually the last person to go into bat for a CEO, but Christine took over Australia Post when it was running at a loss and now it’s running at a substantial profit due to her leadership,” Mr Katter said.

“Christine turned Australia Post into an efficient, coherent parcels distribution company for our nation, and thousands of workers and hundreds of licensees depend on it. The CEO before her was on over $5m a year and she was on a third of that. So, she’s been the exact opposite of wasteful.”

Mr Katter said more questions needed to be asked and answered around Christine Holgate’s removal from Australia Post, which is one of only three assets the Australian people still own – along with the NBN and the Snowy.

“Christine’s leadership increased profits by 7% and she facilitated reforms that allowed customers to bank at Australia Post branches – extremely beneficial for regional and rural Australians,” he said.

“Now I’m not throwing out aspersions, but a former Labor Premier is the CEO of the Australian Banking Association and this scandal against Christine Holgate began with questions from the Labor Party in federal parliament. Questions must be asked about this situation.

“Four senior Australia Post workers got a gold watch after securing a great breakthrough. It’s not a crime. Any good employer provides encouragement to senior employees who have done a good job.

“I think it would be a lovely Christmas present for every Australia Post licensee to know that Christine Holgate has been reinstated. They fear that there are sinister actions going on here and that Australia Post will be sold. They see their businesses and jobs in jeopardy. Christine has been done a terrible injustice and she should be reinstated.”

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