Jan 2021

Katter sick of 'Lilypad-lefty' croc policy, as attack occurs at former popular swimming spot

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KENNEDY MP, Bob Katter says he is sick of dealing with “half-witted, Lilypad Lefties, with stars in their eyes and marijuana in their head and lungs,” following another crocodile attack in Nth Qld.

Today’s crocodile attack took place at Lake Placid in Cairns, where the Member for Kennedy remembers taking his family on a holiday in the 1970s.

“All of the kids were swimming there every day, it was a really fun afternoon,” he said.

“There were rowboats, water bikes and it was a great place to have a picnic.

“Now, no-one would want to swim in Lake Placid. The danger is too great, and here is a classic example with this 44-year-old man being attacked today.”

Mr Katter said he was sick and tired of the Queensland Government’s handling of crocodiles.

“They tell us it’s the crocodiles’ territory,” he said.

“Well, Lake Placid has never belonged to the crocodiles. If they knew anything about the ecological history of Australia, they would know the First Australians got a significant part of their diet from crocodile meat and eggs. Lake Placid was never a crocodile habitat.

“I have spent my life in the bush. For near enough to a decade, I spent two months a year in the North Queensland scrub with the army and I never saw a crocodile in the wild. Now, in one out of every five river inspections I see crocodiles.

“You’d have to have no heart, no soul and no brain to say that we can’t remove crocodiles. You’d prefer little children and human beings get torn to pieces.

“How many missing persons in Nth Qld could possibly have been because of crocodiles?”

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