Nov 2018

Another High Court referral? Must be a Friday.

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In response to the breaking news that the Dunkley MP is to be referred to the High Court for breaching Section 44 of the Constitution, KAP Leader and Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has a simple message for the government of Australia; get on with governing the country and do the job that the people of Australia have elected you to do.

Mr Katter said that the priorities of government and what the media chooses to cover needs to change.

“It would be hard for me to envisage a situation in which I would vote for a referral because I have seen so many people struck down by petty, ridiculous rubbish. And it is taking up the time of parliament. 

“You took up the first year with the yes/no vote – complete waste of time. You live together for five months; you’re automatically considered married whether you’re man and man, or man and woman. The second year was taken up with the citizenship absolute petty matter, absolutely irrelevant to governing this country.

“This is a country where 83% of its minerals are foreign owned, 97% of its gas is foreign owned. This is a country that has no manufacturing base at all and an agricultural industry which is in one of the worst droughts of the nation’s history. 

“And what are we talking about? That so-and-so might have a business that so-and-so might use…

“Why don’t you talk about the value of the dollar? No, you won’t because you don’t understand it. 

“Why don’t you talk about reconstruction loans for the farmers? No, you won’t because you don’t understand it. 

“Why don’t you talk about irrigation in North Queensland? No, you won’t because you don’t want to offend your Greenie, slobbering trolls in Sydney. And I’m talking about the Labor party here as much as the Liberal party.

“The question I want answered is why haven’t you, the Liberal party, who have been there for six years, why haven’t you built one single dam or weir in North Australia – where you promised $5.5 billion would be spent.”


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