Jun 2012

BILLS: Migration Legislation Amendment (Offshore Processing and Other Measures ) Bill 2011

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“Boat arrivals will continue so long as they know they can be processed, because two-thirds of the people who come by boat are granted residency in Australia or New Zealand. My position has always been clear that if they know they can get residency, they will keep coming. Tens of thousands will become tens of millions. The idea that whether you process offshore or onshore... the fact is that if we process, then two thirds of them will get into Australia. But now they know they will never get processed, because they will sit at the back of the queue in Malaysia forever.

The facts of the matter are, as has been previously pointed out by the United Nations representative, she basically said that Australia ‘will’ take refugees because we are ‘the’ only country that can (i.e. a people without land will look for a land without people; and the top third of our country has 1 million hectares of black soil and abundant rain, resources that can easily sustain 150 million people). And if you think she’s not reflecting world opinion then you believe in the tooth fairy. Everyone in this country with brains should realise that the UN lady had her finger on the pulse.

We are sick and tired of the hypocrisy of people putting their heads in the sand on this – the issue will only be put to bed when people know they cannot get access into this country.

The Coalition stopped it before, but of course back then, the Indonesians took the people back. It’s fantasyland to believe the Indonesians will take the boat people back today.”

{Regarding a meeting this week held in Parliament involving more than 40 concerned MPs, including Bob}:
“There were a few members of the hand-wringing set, so my presence brought down the average. But the facts are that if the situation remains the same, then people will continue to die. And then world attention will be focussed on a rich and empty land that takes food off the rest of the world rather than provides it (remember, Australia within a few years will be a net importer of food).

Yes, I am worried about hundreds of people dying on the boats, but I am also worried about the hundreds of farmers committing suicide in Australia, and no-one seems to give a tinker’s damn for them.”


SOURCE: Hansard www.aph.gov.au/hansard

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