Media Releases

Jun 2020

Brutal execution of power necessary for real foreign investment reform

KAP Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has labelled today’s Federal Government announcement that they will reform the Foreign Investment Act to give Australia better control over who owns businesses and infrastructure in the nation as “a step in the right direction,”…

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Jun 2020

We are not simply in a recession, but a Covid-19 depression

KENNEDY MP, Bob Katter said the Australian people know we are in a depression and if they don’t they will find out in the coming months as the impact of the Coronavirus lockdown begins to bite. The KAP Federal Member said the Federal and State Governments must immediately begin…

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Jun 2020

Disastrous Gillard live export ban ruled 'invalid'

KAP Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has applauded Emily Brett of the Brett Cattle Company at Waterloo Station in the Northern Territory after the class action they led against the Commonwealth - challenging the Gillard Government’s disastrous decision to ban…

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May 2020

First Australian communities still 'locked-up'!

KENNEDY MP, Bob Katter said while most Queenslanders will be celebrating the end of many of the draconian lockdown measures, the state’s First Australian communities are still ‘locked-up’! “The easing of restrictions should have happened in North Queensland…

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May 2020

Opportunity for regional newspapers to be resurrected on an owner-operator basis

KENNEDY MP, Bob Katter said today was a sad day for regional journalism and democracy with the end of printed editions of many regional newspapers including the Northern Miner, Herbert RIver Express, Atherton Tablelander, and Innisfail Advocate in his electorate. “We feel for…

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May 2020

Power-sick Premier locks down, locks up, locks out First Australians

KAP Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter flanked hundreds of First Australians at a roadblock outside Yarrabah today to protest the State Government’s continued “lock down” of Indigenous communities, labelling the rule a case of “brutal paternalism”.

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May 2020

Premier's Olympic bid announcement not even worthy of a bronze medal

Yesterday, the QLD Premier announced at a press conference that the 2032 Brisbane Olympic bid had been paused; it followed a statement from Kennedy MP, Bob Katter on Wednesday that called on the Premier to scrap the bid entirely as it is an 'absorb money' project that will not assist…

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May 2020

Littleproud fails Aussie farmers again by axing the biosecurity levy

KENNEDY MP, Bob Katter said the next person to talk about Australia’s ‘clean, green image’ should be shot by the firing squad, after the Agriculture Minister axed a biosecurity levy designed to protect Australian farmers from pests and diseases. “We are a…

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May 2020

Scrap the Brisbane Olympic bid

KENNEDY MP, Bob Katter has called on the State and Federal Governments to immediately stop work on the bid for a Brisbane Olympics in 2032, stating it was a waste of money and resources as the economy tanks from the Coronavirus lockdown and thousands try to survive without work.

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May 2020

Kennedy MP celebrates Copperstring funding

KENNEDY MP, Bob Katter has praised the Qld Government for funding $14.8m to the Copperstring transmission line that will connect the North West Minerals Province to the national electricity market. “We join party leader Robbie Katter in welcoming the funding and we would like…

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