Apr 2018

Statement from Katter responding to sale of Murray Goulburn

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“The announcement today that Murray Goulburn, the biggest milk processor in Australia will be sold to a foreign corporation now means that almost all of beef processing, is owned by foreign corporations, almost all fruit and vegetables processing, almost all sugar processing are owned by foreign corporations; in other words, all of the industries are now controlled by foreign corporations, with the exception of grains (the non-processing grains industry).

“What country would allow foreign corporations to own almost all its food processing?. Under Free Trade agreements we cannot regulate, and with Mr Turnbull’s Trans Pacific Partnerships (TPP) we will never be able to apply any regulations to them now or in the future.


“You’re watching the colonisation of Australia by the corporations.

“The major parties must be removed. The policies are so deeply entrenched that you will never change the ALP and LNP. They must be eliminated.

“82% of our mineral wealth is foreign owned, including almost all of the CSG industry ( around 93%), and 96% of all our petrol/diesel is imported.

“We will be moving in the Parliament to stop the sale of Murray Goulburn, and the farmers need the money, then I suggest they stop voting for the LNP, wake up to themselves and get the Country Party back which of course had the reconstruction board – and their regulated market systems – and aggressive marketing systems that delivered prosperity to us.

“Regulated markets was removed, not by the ALP, but was put there by the LNP National Competition Policy - which most farmers are still so bloody stupid or brainless they keep voting for the LNP. There is no capacity for the extent of the stupidity of my fellow farmers. It has to stop.

“So if we can’t stop it with an intelligent approach then we will stop it with a blunt object. And that is only for the time being.

“Only for the time being… because the people of Australia will wake up.”

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