Jul 2018

Armistice Centenary grant win for Kennedy

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3 July 2018: KAP Leader and Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter is pleased to announce that Julia Creek RSL and Atherton RSL sub-branch will both receive a grant under the Armistice Centenary Grants Program (ACGP).

The ACGP is for local community-based projects and activities that commemorate the end of the First World War and pay tribute to our Australian servicemen and women.

The grant for the Julia Creek RSL is the most significant at this stage, with around $20,000 funding towards a symbolic ‘poppy path ‘ that will lead up to and around the existing Light Horse sculpture. In addition, a ‘Shellal mosaic’ design will make up the edging of the path.

The design of the path’s edging will be inspired by a well-known piece of art called the Shellal mosaic that is now held in the Australian War Memorial (AWM) in Canberra . The Shellal mosaic is the remains of the floor of a sixth century, Byzantine church. The Australian story behind the Shellal mosaic goes back to the second battle of Gaza, on 17th April 1917, when a group of Aussie signallers led by Corporal Ernest Lovell-Shore discovered the mosaic that had been partially uncovered by Turkish troops, who had built a trench near the town of Shellal.

The extraordinary piece of Byzantine art (created in AD 561-562) is on display in the Hall of Valour, at the AWM. The local connection being that researchers recently found that Corporal Ernest Lovell-Shore’s name was in fact listed on the McKinlay Honour Roll and due to the significance of his story, the RSL were keen for Corporal Lovell-Shore to be recognised as part of a memorial in the area.

Mr Katter said, “ We thank the people, the leading lights, that worked so hard to secure these grants and I can assure you that they don’t just drop out of the sky.”.

McKinlay Shire Mayor Belinda Murphy said, “Council is very excited to have received funding for this project to deliver in collaboration with the local Julia Creek RSL.”.

The Atherton RSL Sub-Branch will receive a grant of $3,000 for a wall mounted presentation of the 15th Battalion that will become a permanent display of First World War memorabilia.

President of the Atherton RSL Sub-Branch, Robert Moss said, “We are very grateful to have received the grant.”

Mr Katter reflected on the significance of remembering those who made sacrifices in World War 1, as well as during the horrific conflicts that have followed,

“My Great Grandad’s brother died at Gallipoli, he will always be at Gallipoli. I’m an avid reader of history and I still can’t figure out what the War was about except for the ego of the last two Monarchs in Europe. It seemed to me to be more about their egos than anything else and the aggressive colonialism and greed of our own mother country as well. If you try to take over the whole world then people will oppose you and they will oppose you with the bloodiest of warfare.

“The honour of their memory is our steely commitment that we are Australians and that we will not be ruled by corporate ownership and policies that reduce us to mendicants.” .

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