Aug 2018

Response to KAP Senator Anning's Maiden speech

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KAP Leader and Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has held a press conference to congratulate and support KAP Queensland Senator Fraser Anning’s Maiden Speech.
“Absolutely, 1000%, I support everything he said. He said we need money to develop our dams, our great dam on the Mitchell River right at the back of us here (in Cairns). He talked about the right to collectively bargain for our farmers and our workers. It was a magnificent speech. It was solid gold.
“His speech was absolutely magnificent. It is absolutely everything the country should be doing including just asking the people – what are you afraid of? You had a vote about ‘yes’ or ‘no’, well why don’t you have a vote about this? Do we want continued migration from countries that are threatening the people in our country?
“Our Party unashamedly has been pro-Israel, pro-Jewish and will continue to be.
“90% of Australia has been waiting for someone to say it and believe it.
“I am sick and tired of the lily pad left and it’s about time the hard left stood up and booted those bastards out of the Labor movement. We don’t want them; they don’t represent traditional Labor values. Our Party is in the position of representing traditional Labor values and traditional Country Party values.
“The ALP and more particularly the LNP are bringing 630 000 people from overseas, from countries with no democracy, no rule of law, no egalitarian traditions, no Judeo-Christian background. 630 000 a year and they don’t go home. You don’t have to be Albert Einstein to figure out that we as a race of people, we Australians, are being buried by a mass migration program to line the pockets of the rich and powerful in Sydney – who take our pay and undermine our pay and conditions.
“The people in Australia who are paying the greatest price are the Jewish people and I have said this in the Parliament again and again and again (and it’s not because I have got at least one Semitic in the family tree somewhere, it has nothing to do with that). We have a mortal sin, a blemish upon our soul as Australians. Before the War, Hitler wanted to get rid of six million Jews and no one would take them including our country. We took a lousy, little 15 000. We could’ve taken half-a-million and saved their lives. But no.
“This great city of Cairns exists today because of Paul Kamsler and Peter Abeles who built the first 5 star hotel in Queensland, here in our home city of Cairns.
“Who is being persecuted? Well, we Australians are because there’s been eight murders in the last three years (I’m told) - the Bourke Street Mall murders. Six murdered with a bloke yelling out “Allahu Akbar”. Two murdered in my electorate.
“What, are we going to continue accepting this? Is anything going to change?
“My good friend, one of the most prominent Rabbis in Australia, he has been bashed. Three of them bashed him up yelling out ‘Allahu Akbar’. His parents have been firebombed. His synagogue desecrated. He showed me on this phone a picture of two men attacking people going to the synagogue. God would be absolutely ashamed of people carrying out this sort of activity in his name. If you’re bringing in 30 or 40000 of them every year from the Middle East and North Africa and the LNP Government and Frydenberg should be ashamed of himself, absolutely ashamed of himself and ashamed to call himself a member of his own race and his own religious persuasion because his party is bringing in 20,30, 40000 from the Middle East and North Africa but they’re not bringing in the persecuted minorities. They’re bringing in the persecutors.
“The thrust is that the Jewish people in this country are to be protected and don’t you, with your hypocrisy, say that you’re protecting them - you are bringing people into this country dedicated to their destruction and their annihilation. And proof positive is the fact they murdered six people in the last three or four years in this country.
“In the next election, if there is one thing Malcolm Turnbull wants is Shorten up there instead of Albanese.
“We’ve made no secret of the fact that we’re a black fella First Australian party and we’re very, very proud of it and what is going on in Cape York is a shame upon this nation, it is up there ranking with what we did to the Jews with not allowing them in before the Second World War.

“Just remember if any of you people are of Jewish decent and if you live in Sydney then you send your kids to school under an armed guard in your own country, you’re in danger of being bashed up. Is this nice? Should this continue?

“Fraser is a knockabout bloke, he’s owned pubs and he’s not stupid – he built his own aeroplane. But he hasn’t read all the history books.
“He didn’t go to university, he was out working building pipelines for the coal and the gas and the oil with a hard hat on. He’s a member of the hard left; not the lily pad left. He didn’t go to university to know the significance of all these words.
“Fraser would have no idea about what that meant. For those of us, like myself that are fascinated by history and have read the history books – it is one of the worst statements in all of human history. Fraser is giving a speech saying we should protect the Jewish people in Australia. He like myself, has had constant meetings and addressed Jewish groups around Australia. We are strongly behind the Jewish people. They stand their ground and you’ve just got to admire them.

“He would’ve had absolutely no idea. I’m sick of you lily pad lefties coming at us on some absolutely ridiculous technicality that has got nothing to do with answers. Where do we stand on the issue of migration for the Middle East and North Africa? We are differentiated from every other party now, including One Nation and we’re proud to be standing there. Are we racist? Well we’re Australians – I don’t know if that’s racist or not but we’re not apologising for it to anyone.

“A bloke who comes here from England and becomes an Australian well then, he’s not English; he’s Australian. A person who comes here from China and has been here two seconds and becomes an Australian – they’re Australians and they should never, ever apologise or allow anyone to call them anything else. And we should fight that.

“I claim to be a black fella lot of the time because I associate and identify with my brothers who are starving to death in Cape York while the lily pad left want to go around saying, ‘we want recognition’ – well we’d like not to be starving. If you gave us the lands and the waters that should be ours in Cape York then we wouldn’t be starving to death in the numbers that we’re starving to death now.

“If I’m racist? Well I might be because I’m very, very pro my brother/cousin black fellas. And I’m very, very pro Jewish.

“Fraser is dead right – we do not want people coming in from the Middle East or North Africa unless they’re the persecuted minorities. Why aren’t you bringing in the Sikhs? Why aren’t you bringing in the Jews?

“Why don’t you concentrate on creating 20 000 jobs for Cairns by building a dam on the upper Mitchell? Why don’t you ask me that question? You didn’t pick that up in Fraser’s speech? You picked two words that are taken out of context, absolute rubbish, and you concentrate on that. You didn’t pick up on the fact that he said that the railway line to the Galilee should be owned by the Australian people not by some foreigner.

God bless,
Hon Bob Katter
Federal Member for Kennedy

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