Mar 2019

Cowboys left high and dry by mining companies - Katter

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KAP leader and Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has attacked foreign-owned mining corporations for failing to implement their social responsibility to invest back into the local communities; while sporting groups like the North Queensland Cowboys battle major financial woes.

The attack comes as the Cowboys seek $30 million funding from state and federal governments to build their new headquarters to go with the new stadium.

Mr Katter said that the KAP opposed the building of the stadium consistently and continuously due to its location being a likely cause of inconvenience for patrons and said the Cowboys faced an uphill battle in obtaining money from the state government.

“The Cowboys have the biggest attendance records of any club in the league. And the stadium will be on the outskirts of Townsville which means people will have to travel huge distances to attend a game.

“There has been no interface with North Queensland politicians from the Cowboys at any stage and quite frankly the only North Queensland pollies are us, the rest are Brisbane parties whose interest is in the Broncos-land.”

Mr Katter said ultimately the Cowboys were barking up the wrong tree for funding and that the gloves were coming off when it came to the mining companies ‘raping and pillaging’ North Queensland for their own wealth but failing to invest back into community organisations such as the Cowboys.

“It is about time the mining companies that are taking $100 billion a year from us put their hands in their pockets.

“You will face your social responsibilities. You are taking $100 billion out of North Queensland each year, and the premier sport and activity, rugby league – the North Qld Cowboys – are not getting one cent off you.

“You take our resources and you shoulder your social responsibilities or else.”
Mr Katter warned that the KAP had a stronghold on North Queensland and that they would take action at a state level to force the mining corporations to shell out cash to support local clubs and community groups.

“Our party will be in a very powerful position to enforce this. If you don’t do it voluntarily we’ll do it for you through legislation,” Mr Katter said.

“I don’t think there is a single intelligent commentator that doesn’t believe the KAP will hold the balance of power at the next state election.

“Half your damn jobs are allocated to Brisbane and south of Brisbane fly ins. Or worse still, Section 457 workers.

“The patience of North Queensland is being sorely strained. So shape up or ship out.”


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