Letters to the Editor

Dec 2013

Letter to the Editor - Independent fuel being strangled by supermarket giants

Dear Editor, We were unsurprised recently when we heard that BP is doing it tough against the retailing giants who are strangling the market and crushing competition. We have been warning Australians for many years that if left unchecked the supermarket giants will spread…

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Nov 2013

Letter to the Editor - Katter lets fly at CASA

Just this week in Canberra, we have had discussions at the highest level with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) officials, making light of the fact that the burdensome and onerous cost structures being imposed upon people in aviation are driving our North Queensland…

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Aug 2013

Letter to the Editor - Response to LNP Claims

Dear Editor, In answer to continuous claims made by the LNP in the local press that a vote for KAP is a vote for Labor, I want to set the record straight. After the last Federal Election, I informed the LNP that they would have my backing in forming Government. My 20 points, that…

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Jul 2013

Letter to the Editor - The crossroad from hell

Dear Editor, The Silkwood, Kurrimine and Bruce Highway crossroad is one of the most dangerous intersections in North Queensland. This intersection has one of the highest counts of car crashes on highway 1 – our countries major highway. This intersection is deadly and has caused…

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Jul 2013

Letter to the Editor - No votes for ethanol to cut fuel costs, boost agriculture, save lives?

Dear Editor, By voting against laws the KAP introduced to mandate a 10 per cent ethanol content in motor vehicle fuels, major party politicians have denied Australians a significant cost-of-living saving at the bowser. On my only-ever overseas trip to study other countries’…

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Jul 2013

Letter to the Editor - Labelling fine leaves supermarkets laughing all the way to the bank

Dear Editor, The head of Coles, on a salary of some $15 million, would have been laughing all the way to the bank last week to pay the $60,000 fine for advertising fruit brought in from overseas as “Aussie-grown” straight after their promise to North Qld growers to use…

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Jul 2013

Letter to the Editor - Parliament preoccupied by politics as manufacturing crisis deepens

Dear Editor, As Australia’s once-proud manufacturing industry threatens to become little more than a footnote in our nation's history, it is to the disgrace of the 43rd Parliament that our repeated attempts to halt the haemorrhaging of Aussie jobs and industries were rebuffed.

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Jun 2013

Letter to the Editor - Supporting Australia

Dear Editor, During negotiations to form government in 2010, we chose Tony Abbott’s LNP over Julia Gillard’s ALP based on the response to our 20 policy points for the survival of Australia. Since then, we have indicated to the LNP that we would be sympathetic to a vote…

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Jun 2013

Letter to the Editor - Halt removal of 'black box' from truck imports

Dear Editor, It is to our great dismay that a very important motion on road transport safety that Katter’s Australian Party put to the House of Representatives was not debated before the rising of the 43rd Parliament. We had called for Australia to join international heavy…

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Jun 2013

Letter to Editor - Cattle Grazing in National Parks

Dear Editor, During debate in the House of Representatives last night on a Government motion to ‘protect’ our so-called ‘national parks’ from being grazed by starving cattle, I was prompted to observe how some inner-city suburb MPs are all apparently experts…

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