Letters to the Editor

Jul 2013

Letter to the Editor - Parliament preoccupied by politics as manufacturing crisis deepens

Dear Editor, As Australia’s once-proud manufacturing industry threatens to become little more than a footnote in our nation's history, it is to the disgrace of the 43rd Parliament that our repeated attempts to halt the haemorrhaging of Aussie jobs and industries were rebuffed.

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Jun 2013

Letter to the Editor - Supporting Australia

Dear Editor, During negotiations to form government in 2010, we chose Tony Abbott’s LNP over Julia Gillard’s ALP based on the response to our 20 policy points for the survival of Australia. Since then, we have indicated to the LNP that we would be sympathetic to a vote…

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Jun 2013

Letter to the Editor - Halt removal of 'black box' from truck imports

Dear Editor, It is to our great dismay that a very important motion on road transport safety that Katter’s Australian Party put to the House of Representatives was not debated before the rising of the 43rd Parliament. We had called for Australia to join international heavy…

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Jun 2013

Letter to Editor - Cattle Grazing in National Parks

Dear Editor, During debate in the House of Representatives last night on a Government motion to ‘protect’ our so-called ‘national parks’ from being grazed by starving cattle, I was prompted to observe how some inner-city suburb MPs are all apparently experts…

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Jun 2013

Letter to the Editor - Myuma

Dear Editor, Amongst possibly this nation's most contributing Australians at present is Colin Saltmere from Camooweal, on the NT border in one of the most remote parts of North West Qld/Gulf of Carpentaria Colin's extraordinary successes in the past 13 years through the Myuma Group…

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Jun 2013

Letter to the Editor - Healthier Great Green Way

Dear Editor, My thoughts and friendship goes out to the 19 Innisfail locals at Healthier Great Green Way who have lost their jobs. The Premier says he hasn’t got any money – typical. The dually wasteful and spend-thrift Mr Premier is spending $51 billion while, just for…

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Jun 2013

Letter to the Editor - Marine Parks ban

Dear Editor In Parliament last week I voted with the LNP to scrap the ALP's massive deep-sea marine parks - but not without noting the LNP's election-eve hypocrisy, because it was their government which destroyed North Qld's fishing industry and made recreational anglers criminals…

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Jun 2013

Letter to the Editor - Port Hinchinbrook

Dear Editor, If the sale of Port Hinchinbrook has indeed gone through then this is a wonderful moment of all for all the people that have been fighting this battle for the past 29 months. Congratulations to all those people in Cardwell and those specifically in Port Hinchinbrook…

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Jun 2013

Letter to the Editor - Motion of No Confidence

Dear Editor Following the 2010 ‘hung parliament’ negotiations, we gave our vote to the Coalition based on their response to our 20 points of policy reform crucial for returning prosperity to Australia. In the almost three years since then, we have been stridently opposed…

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Apr 2013

Letter to the Editor - ANZAC Day

Dear Editor, I have written to the Federal Minister for Veteran Affairs, the Hon Warren Snowdon MP demanding a public apology regarding the Government spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on consultants to tell Australians how to celebrate the most important national centenary…

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