Mar 2017

Only 3 wks of standby fuel in Aus, says NRMA

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3 March 2017:This morning ABC reported a spokesman from the National Road & Motorists Association (NRMA) has raised concerns that Australia has only three weeks of fuel reserves, if our importation supply were cut off.

KAP Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter has long been belligerent in publicising our stockpile shortage and importation reliance, as yet another reason to mandate ethanol.

“The NRMA is Australia’s biggest motoring association and has again drawn attention to Australia being the only country on earth where we’re totally reliant on fuel for our transportation.

“Ninety-six per cent of our transportation movement is dependent upon imported fuel. We are probably the only country on earth that has no Reserve Resource Policy for gas (a policy where some of the gas is kept for we Australians).

“If half a dozen or so tankers were embargoed or blown up, after two weeks everyone in this county would have to walk to work.

“The pharmacies ability to secure necessary, lifesaving drugs? Too bad so sad. Rushed to hospital for surgery? Too bad so sad.

“In sharp contrast, the United States has effectively mandated 9 per cent Ethanol. And there are many underground oil wells developed from a massive oil shale. Probably 20 per cent of their needs will soon be met from shale. The US also has 5 per cent electric cars.

“Our politicians clearly are on the she’ll be “right”, don’t worry path. The only “right” -- will be the “write” off of our national economy and the wellbeing of our people.

“The logic of sending $26 billion a year to the Middle East to buy oil, when the $26 billion could be sent to regional Australia to produce ethanol -- befuddles the mind.

“Particularly when it is understood that one single project in Nth Qld, the Hells Gate dam – on Nth Australia’s uplands – will produce 7 per cent of Australia’s motor vehicle fuel requirements.

“It’s not just a National Security issue, without fuel availability, people will die.

“To continue to use petrol which is carcinogenic, when clean ethanol alternatives are available, would have to be the policy of complete numbskulls, or dangerous ideological extremists.”

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