Apr 2017

Unacceptable: RSLs thrown to the kerb with ANZAC March

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6 April 2017: KAP Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter has written to the Queensland State Minister for Main Roads regarding the inhibitive costs for RSLs in North Queensland to provide traffic control for their forthcoming Anzac Day March celebrations.

“Anzac Day is a National Public Holiday and celebrated in every little town across the country. The red tape that has been put in place to ensure these little communities struggle to remember and honour the sacrifices made by so many is reprehensible and every effort should be made to ensure our communities are supported with their celebrations.

“This additional expense is unacceptable and in many cases unattainable’” Mr Katter said.

Mr Katter is informed that the Cardwell RSL sub branch has traditionally held its post-service March down Victoria Street, which is part of the Bruce Highway. Cardwell RSL has been marching along the road for 40 years and now the March is in jeopardy due to reported traffic management costs of as much as $1,500.

“This small sub branch cannot afford to pay for traffic controllers. Cardwell has a designated alternative bypass route that can be taken to ensure highway traffic is not delayed by any temporary road closures,” Mr Katter said.

It is understood that the Cardwell RSL have lodged a permit application to the Cassowary Coast Regional Council to use the pathway.

“While we believe this solution (the use of the pathway) will allow the Anzac Day March to occur, it does not assist any of our Returned Servicemen and Women who are not able to march for any distance and are usually transported in motor vehicles as part of the March.

“We ask that the Queensland Department of Main Roads work with the RSL to ensure the smaller centres, in particular Cardwell, and any others who may also be in jeopardy due to the current rules.

“This is an annual event and a long term solution needs to be made to protect these events and honour those who have given so much,” Mr Katter said.

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