Apr 2011

Lake closure puts crocs above human safety, says Katter

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THE closure of a popular North Qld swimming hole to accommodate a burgeoning crocodile population shows just how far the ‘greenwashed’ Qld Govt will go in putting the rights of man‐eating predators over human safety, says Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter.

Mr Katter dubbed as “a demise into the farcical” the situation in which Cairns locals were being indefinitely locked out of the longstanding recreation area of Lake Placid because authorities refused to set non‐lethal traps to even confirm the suspected presence of a croc.

“I myself have on a number of occasions swum with my children at Lake Placid – the latest in a string of once‐sacred swimming holes that humans have been forced to forgo to ‘croc‐roaches’ because of antiquated government policies that the current ‘greenwashed’ government bureaucrats gleefully take to the extreme,” said Mr Katter.

“Far from being at risk, in the 40 years since shooting these now‐fearless beasts was banned, crocs have flourished to such an extent that they are encroaching on longsettled areas of human habitation – and what’s worse is they are given carte blanch precedence over human safety.
“Local residents who have been displaced from this drawcard recreation area have every right to be furious at a government that puts them second fiddle to man‐eating beasts; a government locked in to peddling misguided preservation policies having been held to ransom by rabid green interests for so long.

“I urge the locals to stand up for their long‐held rights at Lake Placid and rally against this cancerous erosion of our freedoms – our elected politicians should be held to account on whether they represent the people or the scaly mates of the governments’ green puppeteers.”

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